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Kalak Vodka is meticulously crafted from Irish malted barley and pure mountain water. Four times pot distilled in West Cork, it is pure, smooth and intriguingly complex.


  • Our Story

    storyThey say that winter spread from her icy staff, drawing a white veil over the raw and sacred ground. Brutal fury and relentless force have conspired with an ancient art to conjure this spirit from the land. In the eye of the tempest, at the edge of the old world, Kalak Vodka is carefully crafted.

    Home grown malted barley, pure, cold mountain water, and the patience of stone have come together in this bold spirit named for the Celtic queen of Winter, Kalak, (“An Cailleach”)

    Kalak is a phonetic spelling of  “Cailleach”, the Irish Celtic Goddess. Kalak was the closest thing the Celts had to mother nature. She was the embodiment of the darker, more powerful side of nature, and the side we’ve harnessed to make our product.

  • Winter

    winterKalak’s staff, featured on our bottle and woven through our brand name, held her power. It shaped the land, sculpted the mountains and controlled the weather. With it she struck the ground, making the earth harden with frost, and the veil of winter spread across the land from its point. The staff is a potent symbol of Kalak’s power and the terrible beauty of the darker side of nature

  • Stone

    stoneKalak is also associated with stone. She was transformed into one at the end of her reign which can still be found on the Beara Peninsula. In fact, many prominent mountain, coastal and rock formations have been named for her (e.g. The Hag’s Head or Sliabh na Cailleach).

    Our label is designed to be reminiscent of an ogham (pronounced ‘owm’) stone. Cut into the sides of our label is “Cailleach” written in that ancient script of ogham.

  • Deer

    deerAlthough Kalak is a protectorate of all animals, the wild Irish deer were her army and a symbol of her power. The antler can therefore be found tied to the top of her staff and on the neck label of our bottle.



    100% Irish Malted Barley  & Pure Mountain Water
    Four Times Pot  Distilled in West Cork

    The south coast of Ireland bares the brunt of relentless  Atlantic storms. It also enjoys the  clemency of a temperate, soft climate with spells of wind swept sunshine. Perfect  for growing crops, like our barley.

    Some of the cleanest clouds in the world, having crossed  thousands of miles of open ocean, rain on our rough and remote countryside. And what doesn’t water our barley, then spends hundreds of years being purified deep underground in  porous rock. This is the other ingredient in our vodka.



    Then nature meets nurture. We come from a people who worshiped nature, a country that was ruled by the laws of nature. The love of nature and the ability to harness it was given to no people so early or so fully as the Irish Celt. Our distillers are part of a heritage that’s the oldest the world. It has been said that we invented the craft of distilling drinks during the early Christian period and yet, we’ve never applied this expertise to craft vodka, until now.

    Kalak is a vodka unlike any other, one with a new level of purity and depth that’s there from the start. Vodka with the cobwebs blown off.



    On the nose, notes of freshly baked croissant, vanilla and fruity freshness are followed on the palate by a deliciously elegant texture with hints of biscuit, dark chocolate, cream and candied fruit, finishing with a soft and glowing lingering complexity.

    “Kalak is a great example of a vodka that offers both elegance and range, with a sophisticated, complex character that reveals various details as it evolves on the palate. Kalak also has a great production story that begins with Irish malted barley, which is in itself significant as barley is rarely used to distill vodka,”

    Ian Wisniewski – Leading international spirits expert, journalist & author



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